About us

Karate Academy Goju Ryu Karate-Do Welcomes You!
Karate Academy was formed by Sensei Aamar Rajpoot at the age of 19 with the first dojo opening in his local area of Slough. The aim behind our academy is to develop good Karate amongst our students and empower them with attributes which will help them throughout life. We teach the style of Goju Ryu which was founded by Chojun Miyagi Sensei in 1933 in Okinawa. Nearly 100 years on we now find many different styles of Karate – Goju Ryu being the original. Karate Academy Goju Ryu Karate-Do offers instructors whom have collectively over 50+ years of experience training as black belts.

Benefits of Karate Mentally

Concentration – Karate consists of Kata (Set of systematic movements) which teaches students fighting techniques, hand eye coordination, concentration and develops their strength.
Confidence – This is built through consistent training. The students will learn techniques which they will use to demonstrate in front of other students as well as compete.
Control – Self-discipline and Self-esteem, these are very important attributes to have in life. Students learn how to control and channel aggression in a positive way.
Determination – As students move higher within the belt ranking system, they will be expected to become stronger, develop techniques to become sharper.

Benefits of Karate Physically

Reflexes – are very important in self-defence, this will give our students the upper hand in defending themselves.
Co-ordination/Balance – Karate is designed to teach individuals how to control their body in a fast, strong yet steady manner. This will help students in other sports.
Strength/Flexibility – This is ained through the training exercises performed during lessons. Strength and flexability are very important in order to prevent problems within your body.
Stamina – This is essential to a healthier way of life. Lessons are designed to have students developing their stamina.
Self-defence – Students are educated and advised to always avoid a fight when possible. However, self-defence gives them that extra security when needed.

Goju Ryu Karate

Unlike most physical activities or sports, when you leave the dojo floor your training will transfer into your everyday routine. Success in Karate requires much more than just physical adeptness. Some of the mental and character traits developed through Karate training are;
– An amplified awareness to detail.
– Increased motivation and discipline to finish a task.
– High alertness to your surroundings.
– Improved patience with yourself and others.
– More confidence to try new things with the understanding that possible failure is a natural part of success
Chojun Miyagi Sensei believed that “the ultimate aim of karate-do was to build character, conquer human misery, and find spiritual freedom”. He stated that it was important to balance training for self-defense with “training the mind, or cultivating the precept karate-do ni sente nashi (‘there is no first strike in karate’)”; he also emphasized the importance of “cultivating intellect before strength”. Miyagi chose the name Goju-ryu (“go” meaning “hard” and “ju” meaning “soft”), to emphasize that his style integrated both “hard” and “soft” styles. Goju applies not just to karate, but to life in general; only hardness or only softness will not enable one “to deal effectively with the fluctuations of life”. When blocking, “the body is soft and inhaling”; when striking, the body is “hard and exhaling”. (reference wikipedia goju ryu)