Ahmer Rajpoot

Ahmer Rajpoot

Sensei Ahmer Rajpoot started Karate in 1995 at the age of 9 as he was naturally quiet, shy and reserved as a child. His parents believed this would be the best way to help him come out of his shell.

Sensei Ahmer received his black belt in 2001 at only 15 years old. Sensei Ahmer works full time in the City of London as a qualified Structural Engineer and even though he works in the heart of the City of hustle and bustle he still finds time to maintain his own training and teach the new generation of Karate students.

Sensei Ahmer received his 3rd Dan recognition under Sensei Gurmit Singh in February 2016.

After Sensei Gurmit stepped away from teaching, Sensei Ahmer then moved to train under Sensei George Andrews in 2016 to broaden his knowledge of Goju Ryu and had successfully regraded to 2nd Dan in Goju Ryu in 2018 and has successfully passed to 3rd Dan in 2019.

In Sensei Ahmer’s own words he says “I believe Karate has helped me gain confidence, discipline and concentration which has aided me in obtaining a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering with Architecture at University. My goal is to help and empower the younger generations to help them achieve and fulfil their dreams and unlock their potential as well as sharing my knowledge with students ranging from kids – adults thus creating the future instructors who will continue spreading the benefits of Karate-Do.”

Outside of Karate Sensei Ahmer’s hobbies are swimming and playing football – He also assists in running a local football game every Sunday in his local park for kids and adults. He has been running this for 5 years and believes his efforts have helped keep many kids out of getting mixed up with the wrong crowds.